Our Society

Hello! We are Bristol University Folk Society. As the name implies, we’re a group of people who like doing traditional folk related things and are a society of the University of Bristol Students Union.

We have a long history dating all the way back to 1981, when we first formed. You can read more about this on the Our History page. Today, we’re a very active society doing lots of fun folk activities all year round. We have several branches of the society that focus on different areas:

  • Rag Morris – for all your Cotswold Morris Dancing needs, with regular teaching practice and public dance-outs throughout the year.
  • Folk Club – we host music and song sessions, put on ceilidhs, and run workshops.

Membership to the society is free and all (over the age of 16) are welcome to join; we welcome students, university staff, alumni, local community members and non-students alike. Everyone is welcome!  You can become an official member here or just come along to one of our activities.


The Committee

The society is run by a committee, elected each year at our AGM.

The 2023-2024 committee is:

  • President – society leader, responsible for SU relations – El
  • Treasurer – responsible to the SU for society funds – Jack
  • Folk Club Secretary – leader of Folk Club activities – Holly
  • Folk Development Officer – organises things for Folk Club – Max
  • Squire – leader of Rag Morris activities – Joe
  • Bag – organises things for Rag Morris – Oliver
  • Foreman – teaches morris dancing in practice – Joe
  • Bookkeeper – keeps track of the money – Jack
  • Paraphernalia Officer – keeps track of the material things – Matt
  • Publicity Officer – tells non-members what we do – Lucy
  • Merchandise – provides things to sell – Max
  • Archivist – keeps track of our history – Kit
  • Music Coordinator – makes sure we have music to morris dance to – Vacant
  • Karma Detective – keeps track of how we’re all feeling – Pip
  • Equalities Officer – Lucy