Welcome to Bristol University Folk Society. We are a group of people who enjoy traditional (and not so traditional) folk activities.

We dance, we sing and we play

We believe in fun and inclusivity above all else. Whether you want to watch, listen, say hello, or get involved dancing, singing or playing an instrument, you’re always warmly welcome.

If you’re new to the folk world we run friendly practices, sessions and workshops where you can learn how to morris dance, ceilidh dance, play folk tunes, join the band, call a dance or a new song to sing. Or if you have a favourite tune, song or dance you want to share we always enjoy learning something new. Best of all, our society is free to join and almost all our events are free for members too! You can become an official member here.

If you would like to find out more details of what we do or book us for your event then get in touch with us…